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Mission: to build long-term partnerships, based on trust, which will position us as the number one choice of all our partners and clients.


Vision: we build and invest constantly in our business lines, not only out of respect for our partners, but also out of consideration for our society and the environment. We wish for our business to have a positive impact over our community, but to minimize its impact over the environment.


Values: trust, transparency, efficiency and social responsibility.


Expertise & innovation

With extensive experience in the wholesale market, Green Net is a key player, known for its fast and applicable solutions and rich portfolio of premium brands.


Marketing & communication

We build strategic MarComm campaigns around each brand, with objective of increasing the brand awareness of our portfolio among the final consumer. 

Our Team

We are proud of our dedicated team, real professionals with proven expertise in the fields in which we operate. The entire commercial activity, from imports to the final sales, is sustained by optimized logistics flows, personalized promotions and sales strategies

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