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We are well aware of the impact our business has on the environment and we take responsibility.

Our sustainability policy is based on the legislative frameworks in force, we selectively collect and recycle plastics, cardboard, metal, glass, etc.

In order to limit the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, our distribution routes are periodically optimized, limiting to maximum the transports that are not mandatory.

We also align ourselves with our partners' sustainability policies and support them in their efforts to limit pollution sources. We want to have a positive impact among Beautik Haute Parfumerie customers as well.

Thus, we recommend them through specific messages not to improperly dispose of the liquids or containers of the products they buy from us.

We are ardent supporters of equal opportunities and gender rights. Our internal policies provide a framework with equal opportunities, regardless of position, religion, sexual orientation, education, etc. Also, violence, in any form, bribery or any other form of corruption, is not tolerated in any form within Green Net.

We focus our entire activity around social responsibility and sustainability. We choose to show that we care and are actively involved in projects with a long-term impact.

For us, the future of children is an important pillar of our social responsibility policy. Over the years, together with Save the Children, we have initiated multiple projects aiming to protect the future of children and their chance at education. Save the Children’s projects, supported by Green Net, have resulted in the integration of over 42,000 children into the education system and the prevention of early school abandon.

Together with the friends from the Utility Dog Association, we participated to “Terapeut cu codita” project, which provided assisted therapy by specially trained dogs for children with Down syndrome.

We care about the community we belong to and we want to live in a clean world.

We promise that our initiatives will not stop here, because sustainability is part of our life and business.

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